Testimonial template with hover animations

This is an example of a testimonials template with hover animations, designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. CSS styles and images are imported to the code with the URLs. The testimonial cards take a rotate animation in a hover event. The body of the form is given a background color of #E9EAEA.The header of the form is given the styles of color as black, and text-shadow as 2px 2px 2px violet. The testimonial cards are given the styles of as 24%, height as 550px, border-radius as 10px, background-color as white, display as inline-block, margin-left as 15px, and box-shadow as 15px 8px 15px brown. The profile images are given a border-radius value as 50% to get the circle shape. The profile names are given a font-size as 20px, font-weight as bold, and font color as darkblue. The location is displayed in the font color of darkorange, whereas the content is given a font-size as 18px, and font color as darkslategrey. In a hover event, the background color of the cards turns to aquamarine, while the cards take a transform effect of rotate(-10deg), to imply the rotate animation. The animation duration is set to 3s. Source:

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