Gift card payment form

This is an example of a gift card payment form, designed using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. The images are imported to the code with their URLs, whereas media quarries have been used to increase the responsiveness of the form. The two payment methods are displayed using radio type buttons. Radio buttons take a border-top style of 3px #B2EBF2 solid in a hover event. JavaScript methods have been used to validate the card number format, date format, and implement the click function of the radio buttons. The gift card form is given a background color as #EDE7F6. The heading of the form is displayed using a font size of 33px, and a font color of #000000. The subheading 1 is displayed in a font size of 55px, whereas the subheading 2 is displayed in a font size of 20px, and given a font color as gray. The input text fields are given the styles of border-bottom as 1px solid lightgrey, font-family as Montserrat, font color as #2C3E50, font-size as 20px, font-weight as bold, and letter-spacing as 1px. In a focus event, the input fields take a border-bottom value of 1.5px solid skyblue. Source:

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