Our team Section with animation

This is an example of our team Section with hover animation, designed using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The font style and member images are imported to the form using their URLs. The body of the form is given a style set of font-family as 'Noto Sans HK', sans-serif, and height as 1000px. The form heading section has the styles of width as 100%, height as 80px, background-color as cadetblue, and font color as white. The member cards are given a width of 33.33335%, height of 330px, border-radius of 8px, and the cursor style is set as pointer to get the hand cursor effect on hover. The profile name is displayed using a font-size of 30px, and font color of #f4511e. The backside of the profile cards is given a background color as #bcaaa4. The member cards take a transform effect of perspective(600px) rotateX(180deg), to implement the flipping animation, in a hover event. The Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter icons also change their background color to #3B558D, #007BB6, and #2CAAE1, respectively, on hover. Source:

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