Customer Receipt - Responsive Email Template

This is an example of a responsive email template with a basic customer receipt designed with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. An external CSS style sheet has been imported to the HTML code. The images and fonts are also imported to the code whereas the media queries have been used to increase the responsiveness of the form. The form is given a background color of #f5dbce. The receipt information is given a font color of #718096, whereas the customer information is given the styles of font-weight as 600; text-align as right; width as 50% and align as right. The styles for the information display form is set as background-color as #edf2f7, height as 2px, line-height as 2px, and font-size as 14px. The check-in and check-out lines are given the styles of color as #a0aec0; font-size as 10px, text-transform as uppercase to automatically convert to uppercase, and letter-spacing as 1px, whereas the date information lines have the styles of font-weight as 600, and color as #000000. The total value has the styles of font color as #68d391 and font-size as 20px. Source:

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