3D carousel

This is an example of a bootstrap web form with a carousel feature with 3D animations, designed using JavaScript, CSS, bootstrap framework 4 and HTML. The images and videos are imported to the code with their URLs, whereas the carousel feature had been implemented using JavaScript. CSS @keyframes is used to implement the animations in CSS. The body of the form is given a style set of overflow as hidden, display as flex, background as #111, perspective as 1000px, and a transform-style as preserve-3d. The spin container is given a transforming effect of rotate (-10deg). The carousel items are given a style set of position as absolute, width and height as 100%, line-height as 200px, font-size as 50px, box-shadow as 0 0 8px #fff, and box-reflect as below 10px linear-gradient(transparent, transparent, #0005). In a hover event, the items take a box-shadow effect of 0 0 15px #fffd, and a -box-reflect effect of below 10px linear-gradient(transparent, transparent, #0007). The header in the middle of the carousel is given a font-family style as Serif, and color as #fff. The auto-rotate option is set as true, and the rotation speed is defined as 60s in JavaScript, along with the radius of the carousel set as 240. Source:

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