This is a template of a simple flat blog layout designed using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. JavaScript click(function() had been used to implement the switch between two layouts. Bootstrap styles and fonts have been imported into the form by adding their URLs. Background images are also added into the code with the URL. The font family of the form is set as "Pacifico". Variables are used to define values to avoid using values again and again in different places, such as $size: 150px, and $bg:#CDE. The body is given a style set of padding:0 100px 100px, and background-color: $bg !important. The header has the styles of text-align: center, padding: 50px, font-size: 62px, font-family: "Pacifico", @include text-shadow (0 2px 2px darken ($bg,40%)). The article section is given the styles of position:relative, padding-left:$size+30,padding-right: $size/2,height: $size,margin-bottom:30px,background-color:#FFF,@includeborder-radius($size),andcursor: pointer. In a hover event, the image button takes a transformation of transform(rotate(5deg). Source:
This is a template of a Windows 8 User Interface, designed using HTML and CSS. The Windows tiles and icons have been imported into the code with the URLs added. The font styles is also imported with its URL and set as Open+Sans: 400,300. The body of the form is given the styles of margin as 0px, font-family as "Open Sans", arial, background as #0f6d39, color as #fff, and font-weight as 300. The header "Start" has the styles of font-family as "Open Sans", arial, font-weight as 300, float as left, width as 55%, margin-left as 5px, font-size as 40px, and margin-bottom as 40px whereas the boxes are given a hover transformation of webkit-transform: scale(1.05) and a focus transformation of webkit-transform: scale(1) and assigned colors such as lime{background:#61b812;},orange{background:#e76022;},blue{background:#1E90FF;},redgay{background:#DA312E;},yellow{background:#dbb701;},bluefish{background:#02b9e3;}, magenta{background:#d22a4e;}, and .spacer. The cursor is set as pointer to display the cursor as a hand. Source:
This is an example of a bootstrap profile feed designed using HTML and CSS. The images and style sheet had been imported to the code with the URL. The concept of Lists has been used with UL and LI components. UL element has been used with the child elements of LI to display the unordered list. The form consists of buttons, labels, and links to social media accounts. Clock, reply, comment icons have been created as material design icons. The form body is set with styles margin-top as 20px and color as #6c7293. The navigational items are given color #464dee and a font size of 1.25rem. The styles for the profile feed items are set as padding as 1.5rem 0 and border-bottom as 1px solid #e9e9e9 whereas the smaller circular image icons are given the styles of width as 43px and height as 43px.