Windows 8 metro UI

This is a template of a Windows 8 User Interface, designed using HTML and CSS. The Windows tiles and icons have been imported into the code with the URLs added. The font styles is also imported with its URL and set as Open+Sans: 400,300. The body of the form is given the styles of margin as 0px, font-family as "Open Sans", arial, background as #0f6d39, color as #fff, and font-weight as 300. The header "Start" has the styles of font-family as "Open Sans", arial, font-weight as 300, float as left, width as 55%, margin-left as 5px, font-size as 40px, and margin-bottom as 40px whereas the boxes are given a hover transformation of webkit-transform: scale(1.05) and a focus transformation of webkit-transform: scale(1) and assigned colors such as lime{background:#61b812;},orange{background:#e76022;},blue{background:#1E90FF;},redgay{background:#DA312E;},yellow{background:#dbb701;},bluefish{background:#02b9e3;}, magenta{background:#d22a4e;}, and .spacer. The cursor is set as pointer to display the cursor as a hand. Source:

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