Very clear HTML5 table

This is an example for the design of a HTML5 table using HTML and CSS. The background color of the page has been set to the value of #fb887c using the background class, font color is set as #fff and font family is set to 'Lato', Arial, sans-serif. The title of the table is designed with the element h1 and with the styles of font family as "proxima-nova", sans-serif, letter spacing as -0.01em, font weight as 700 and font style as normal. The HTML element row span has been used to merge rows for a given element; such as setting the rowspan value to 2 will merge two rows together for a given element. The border of the table and the cells has been set the style value of border 1px solid #fff and border-collapse as collapse. The thickness of the border is 1px. The table headers and the table data cells have its padding as 15px. credits -

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