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This is a UI design template for a mobile phone, designed using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The font style and icons are imported to the code with their URLs. The font style for the form is defined as 'Roboto', sans-serif. The name is displayed with the styles of font-size as 3rem, font-weight as 500, and font color as #728096. The date is displayed with a style set of font-size as 13px, font-weight as 400, text-align as center, and font color as white. The target button is given a height and width of 30px, and 70px, respectively. It is given a background color of #3b465e, which gets changed to #2e3951, on hover. The charts are displayed using three colors: lightseagreen, orange, and #3b465e. The 'Statistics' card is displayed using a style set of width as 320px, height as 100px, background-color as #2e3951, and border-radius as 10px. The cursor style for the card is set as pointer to get the hand cursor effect on hover. The cards take a background color of #3b465e and change the font color to gray, on hover. Source:

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