SVG Texas region map

This is an example of a web form with a map of Texas region, designed using CSS, and HTML. The map has been created in XML and imported to the form with its URL. The map container is assigned the styles of max-width as 800px, max-height as 800px, and margin as 0 auto. The color set for the map is predefined as variables to avoid defining them over and over again. The color set is given as $charcoal: #656d78, $darkcharcoal: darken($charcoal, 30%), $purple: #987197, $darkpurple: darken($purple, 30%), $orange: #e9573f, $darkorange: darken($orange, 30%), $green: #37bc9b, $darkgreen: darken($green, 30%), $blue: #1a2240, $darkblue: darken($blue, 30%),$red:#7d0506,$darkred:darken($red,30%), $yellow:#f6bb42;$darkyellow: darken($yellow, 30%), and $white: #f2f2f2. In a hover event, the path takes a transition effect of fill .2s ease-in-out and fills the region with the color $blue.

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