Simple Single Service Layout

This is an example of a simple bootstrap service layout section, designed using CSS, HTML, and bootstrap 4 framework. Fonts are imported to the code with its URL. The web form is given the styles of font-family as "Montserrat", sans-serif, color as #8d97ad, and font-weight as 300. The text color of the title and placeholders are set as white in HTML. The h1-h6 sections are given a color of #3e4555, while the background color of the form is set as #f4f8fa. The service 25 badge is given a line-height of 14px and a color of #2cdd9b. The subtitle has the styles of color as #8d97ad and line-height as 24px. The view more details button is given a font-size of 16px, a padding of 15px 45px, and background color of #2cdd9b and also the linear gradient color of that, for the browsers that support linear gradient colors. It changes its color to #1dc8cc, in a hover event.

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