Simple Responsive Timeline

This is an example of a responsive timeline designed using HTML and CSS. The timeline elements have been implemented with the use of lists and the timeline has been designed as a bulleted list with the use of UL. The timeline style class is appended to the UL element. The main styles which are implemented under timeline class are line-height as 1.4em, list-style as none, margin as 0, padding as 0, width as 100% and h2 to h6 with line-height as inherit value. Media queries have been used in the CSS to make the timeline responsive by setting the min-width as 768px, and min-width as 992px. To apply the mouse hover event on the timeline marker, the hover event has been used in the CSS with the background value set as #FF6B6B. The CSS variables have been declared after the "@" mark which helps to reuse it in several places other than setting the value repeatedly. Source:

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