Simple Registration Form

This is an example of a registration form, designed using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The font style has been imported to the code with its URL. The form consists of two panels; one for login and one registration. The toggle functionality between the panels has been implemented using JavaScript methods. The body of the form is given a font-family style of 'Bree Serif', serif, and background color as #FFFFFF. The information container is given a height of 500px, width of 400px, and a background color as #1A8093. The title of the panels is displayed using a font-size of 24px. The login section is given a background color of #1A8093, whereas the signup section is given the color #EA534D. In the active mode, the login and signup panel buttons take the background color of #1A8093. The input text fields are given a background color as #FFFFFF, font color as #1A8093, and font-size as 20px. The input text fields are validated by making them required in HTML. Source:

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