rotating carousal

This is an example of a rotating carousel layout, designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Class custom-cursor has been used to customize the mouse cursor. The png images have been added to the form with their URLs imported. JavaScript functions have been used to implement the carousel animation. The background color of the form is set as #000. The photo container has the styles of position: absolute, float: left, padding: 0 50px, z-index:2, background-size: cover, and background-position as center. The cursor has the styles of position: absolute, z-index: 3, height and width: 35px, border-radius: 50% to make the cursor a circle, border: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,.6), transform: translate(-50%, -50%), color: rgba(255,255,255,.6), and font-weight: 100 whereas the titl of the form has the styles of position: relative, z-index: 2, font-size: 48px, color: #fff, and font-weight: 999.

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