Responsive Bootstrap Cards Layout

This is an example of a responsive card layout designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The cards are given an expanding animation to response in a hover event and display hidden text. JavaScript functions are used to animate the push-bar in hover and clicked events with a style of 'transform': 'rotate(180deg)'. The bootstrap style sheet is imported to the code as well as the font style "font-family: 'Anton', sans-serif". The background image has been added with the given link. The cards are given the bootstrap type card. The body of the form is given the styles of background-color: transparent, background-size: cover, max-height: 300rem, and border: 15px solid transparent !important whereas the cursor is set as pointer to display the hand cursor. The push-button is given a border-radius: 50% to make it a circle. The cards are given an animation of all 0.6s ease whereas the details box appears with a style of transform: translateY(20px). Source:

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