Registration Form Template

This is an example of another registration form, designed using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The Bootstrap and font styles have been imported to the code with their URLs. The form is given a background color as #e4e6e6, and a font style as 'Roboto', sans-serif. The header section of the form has been given the styles of background color as #3f9cb5, font-size as 30px, font color as #fff, text-align as center, and text-transform style as uppercase to automatically convert the text to uppercase. The subheading of the form is displayed with the styles of font-size as 16px, font color as #222222, text-transform style as capitalize to make each letter of the word capital, and font-weight as 400. The input text fields are given the styles of height as 50px, font-size as 14px, font color as #2b2a2a, border-bottom as 1px solid #ccc, and font-weight as 400. The text fields take the border color of #3f9cb5, in a hover event. The 'Register' button is given a border color as 2px solid #ccc, which gets changed to #3f9cb5 on hover. Source:

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