Radio Buttons With Animations

This is an example of a form with radio buttons with animations, designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. The type of buttons is defined as radio. The background image is imported to the code with its URL, whereas media queries have been used to increase the responsiveness of the form. The body of the form is given a style set of position as 50% 50%, color as #381803, display as flex, font as 1em Nunito, sans-serif, height as 100vh, and line-height as 1.5. The buttons are given the styles of max-width as 10em, padding as 1.5em 0, position as relative, and border-radius as 50% to get the circle shape. The button label is given the styles of cursor as pointer to get the hand cursor effect, display as flex, letter-spacing as 0.1em, width and height as 1.5em, box-shadow as 0 0 0.75em #000 inset and text-transform as uppercase to convert the text to uppercase. The color of the radio button ball is set as #2762f3. The radio ball is given a wobble effect as wobble# {$s} 0.5s linear forwards. Source:

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