progress bar style 11

This is another example of a web form with a progress bar with the progress value shown below the bar, designed using HTML and CSS. Class progress-bar of the progress class has been added into the code to create and style the progress bar. The body is given a background color of #2c304a. The label of the progress bar has the styles of font size as 18px, font weight as 700, color as #fff, and margin as 0 0 20px. The progress line is given a color of #171b3c, border radius of 20px, border of 1px solid #000, box shadow of 0 2px 2px #4f4c4c, margin bottom as 40px, and an overflow as visible whereas the bar is given the styles of border radius as 20px, a border as 1px solid #000, a web kit animation of animate-positive 2s, and an animation value of animate-positive 2s. The progress value number is given an initial set of styles as font size as 15px, line height as 25px, width as 6px, height as 25px, background color as #171b3c, font color as #fff, border radius as 0 0 15px 15px, and a box shadow as 0 2px 2px #4f4c4c.

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