Product carousal

This is an example of a linear carousel layout, designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Li element of lists has been used to display the cards in a list view. JavaScript functions have been used to implement the carousel animation. Control buttons and indicators have also been used in implementing the carousel. The item card is given the style of box-sizing as content-box. The fuchsia-rose-text is given the color of #db0075, the aqua-sky-text is given #5cc6c3, mimosa-text is given #F0C05A, and chili-pepper-text the #9B1B30 whereas the button control are given the color #F8CDCD. The item cards are given the transformations as -webkit-transform: translateX(0), and -ms-transform: translateX(0). The indicators have the initial styles of height: .75rem, width: .75rem, max-width: .75rem, and background-color: #5cc6c3 where it changes to max-width: 1rem, and background-color: #5cc6c3 when they're active.

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