Modern and clean Design of pricing with Bootstrap

This is an example of a bootstrap pricing plan view, designed using CSS, HTML, and bootstrap framework 4. The concept of Lists has been used with UL and LI components. UL element has been used with the child elements of LI to display the details in an orderly manner. Bootstrap fonts and images are imported to the form with their URLs. The web form is given the styles of font-family as "Montserrat", sans-serif, color as #8d97ad, font-weight as 300, background-size as cover, max-height as 530px, and margin-bottom as 250px. The h1 to h6 sections are given a color of #3e4555 and a font-weight of 500, whereas the subtitle is given the styles of color as #8d97ad, and line-height as 24px. The pricing text has the styles of font-size as 100px, font-weight as 400, line-height as 100px, and color as #263238. The buttons are given the color #2cdd9b and also the linear gradient color of that, for the browsers that support linear gradient colors. In a hover event, one button switches the color between #2cdd9b and #1dc8cc, while the other takes a fill effect of #2cdd9b.

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