Map with curved lines

This is an example of a web form with a map with curved lines, designed using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The map is imported to the form with its URL whereas the JavaScript functions have been used to implement the mapping functions. The toolset has been implemented with a range slider, labels, and radio buttons. The toolset is given the styles of font-family as Arial, position as fixed, bottom as 5px, padding as 10px 0 15px 0, background as rgba(255, 255, 255, .8), and text-align as center. JavaScript AmCharts.makeChart method has been used to create the map with the type given as 'map' with the zoom-level set as 3.5 zoomLongitude as -20.1341, and zoomLatitude as 49.1712. The images are given IDs by their town names and assigned longitudes, latitudes and a scale of 0.5 except for London, which is given a scale of 1 as it is the main city. The color of the lines is set as #CC0000.

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