HTML5/CSS3 Shopping Cart Layout

This is a template web form of a shopping cart layout, designed using CSS and HTML. Images and fonts are added into the code with their URLs. The body of the form is given the styles of font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, font-size: 62.5%, line-height: 1, color: #414141, and background: #caccf7 whereas the background image is added with its URL. The header is given the same font family, color as #fff, text shadow as 1px 2px 0 #7184d8, font size as 3.5em, line height as 1.1em, padding as 6px 0, and text align as center. Quantity Input field is given the styles of width as 33px, height as 22px, border as 1px solid #a3b8d3, background as #dae4eb, color as #616161, and text-align as center. Cursor is set as pointer for remove button and checkout button to display the cursor as a hand. In a hover event, the color of the checkout button changes to gradient(linear, 50% 0%, 50% 100%, color-stop(0%, #4d9cff), color-stop(100%, #338eff)). Source:

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