Feature discovery form

This is an example of a feature discovery form with a navbar, designed using CSS, Html, JavaScript, and Bootstrap framework 4. %. The concept of Lists has been used with UL and LI components. UL element has been used with the child elements of LI to display the child elements of the navbar, in an orderly manner. The background image is imported to the code with its URL. The form consists of a navbar, a subscription section, and a hidden feature section. The users are given the ability to view a hidden message upon clicking on the success type button given in the form. JavaScript functions have been used to implement the functionality of the button. The hidden feature section is given a style set of height and width as 60vw, background as #00c851, border-radius as 50% to get the circle shape, transform as scale(.01), border as 1ps solid black, and box-shadow as 0 0 20px -10px black. The text inside the hidden section is given a font-size of 2.4rem. The feature section turns its opacity to 1, and takes a transform effect of scale(1), on the active mode. Source:

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