Elegant Services 2-column layout

This is an example of a 2-column bootstrap service card layout, designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. The fonts are imported to the code with its URL. The web form is given the styles of font-family as "Montserrat", sans-serif, background color of #8d97ad, and font-weight as 300. The h1 to h6 sections are given a color of #3e4555 and a font-weight of 500, whereas the subtitle is given the styles of color as #8d97ad, and line-height as 24px. The background color of the form is set as #cfecfe. The round icon is given a style set of font-size as 45px, width as 80px, color as #316ce8, line-height as 80px, and margin as 20px 0 30px. The View Details text is also given a text color of #316ce8. An overall padding style with a value of 40px has been assigned to the card.

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