CSS Timeline for Giggles

This is a template of a timeline view designed with HTML and CSS. It is primarily designed using the concept of ‘lists'. The body of the timeline is designed with CSS with its values set as background to #252827 and font size to 16px. The timeline styles are applied to the UL element with the class name ‘timeline'. The styles added to the timeline class are border-left as @line solid @color-primary, border-bottom right radius as @radius, border-top right radius as @radius, background as fade(@color-light, 3%), color as fade(white, 80%), font family as @font-text, margin as @spacing auto, letter-spacing as 0.5px, position as relative, line-height as 1.4em, font size as 1.03em, padding as @spacing, list-style as none, text-align as left, font-weight as 100 and max-width as 30%. The hover event has been implemented in the CSS with a hover class by adding the color as @color-light, background as @color-primary, and border-bottom as .35em solid black. Source:

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