This is a template of a web form with a countdown feature, designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The countdown is displayed in all days, hours, minutes and seconds formats. The form is divided into three main sections as the header, counter box, and footer. The header displays the time when the countdown ends and the footer displays the time formats. The counter box is given the styles of width as 150px, margin as 0 15px, color as #dc3545, font-size as 3em, and font-weight as 700. The footer has the styles of background-color as #103552, and color as white. The JavaScript functions have been used to make the counter up and running. getTime() function had been used to set the ending time and get today's time whereas setInterval(function() had been used to update the counter every second. Math.floor had been used to calculate the time for days, hours, minutes and seconds. Source:

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