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This is an example of a simple contact us form, designed using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The background of the form is given a color of #f7f7f7. The input text fields are given the styles of font-size as 13px, border-bottom as 1px solid #d3d3d3, background as transparent and font-family as 'Roboto. The text fields are given a clip style as rect(0, 0, 0, 0) to create a rectangular window that shows a part of the content within. The 'Send Message' button is created as a primary type button. The button is given a style set of margin as 30px auto, display as block, padding as 11px 32px, background color as #4285f4, and border color as 1px solid #4285f4. It is also given a transition style of all 0.3s ease 0s. In focus and hover events, the button changes its font color to #4285f4 and takes a border value of 1px solid #4285f4. Source:

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