Chips with cards

This is another example of a card layout web form with chips inside the cards, designed using CSS and HTML. The images and videos have been added to the form with their URLs imported. The background color of #eee is added to the body. There are three cards in the form named as booking card, sunny card, and the news card which are given different colors and styles. The sunny card is given a background color of #feffdf whereas its title and subtitle are given a color of #ffa952. Its logo is given the color of #ef5a5a, where the other chips are given the colors of #ffe79a, #ef5a5a, and #ffa952 respectively. The background color of the floating button is given as #ef5a5a. The news card is given the styles of background-color: #0b032d, and color: #ffb997. The input text field of the news card has the styles of box-shadow: 0 1px 0 0 #ffb997, and border-bottom: 1px solid #ffb997. Finally, the booking card is given a background color of #c7f2e3 and a text color of #db2d43.

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