Add and remove row in table

This is an example of add and remove a row in table feature, designed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap framework 4. The JavaScript methods have been used to implement the add and remove rows feature of the table. Two types of buttons; danger and success have been used to create add and remove buttons. The form is given a background color as #f9f9fa. The information card is given the styles of position as relative, display as flex, flex-direction as column, word-wrap as break-word to break and wrap long words into the next line, background-color as #fff, background-clip as border-box, and border as 1px solid #d2d2dc. The card title is given the styles of font color as #000000, margin-bottom as 0.625rem, font-size as 0.875rem, and font-weight as 500, whereas the card description section has the styles of font-weight as 400, and font color as #76838f. The column header is given a font style as uppercase to automatically convert the text to uppercase and the input text fields take a box shadow effect of 0 0 0 0rem rgba(0, 123, 255, .25), in a focus event. Source:

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