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This is another example of a signup/sign-in form where the sign in and signup options have been given using toggle buttons, designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap library and bootstrap style sheets have been imported to the code. JavaScript functions have been used to hide and show the password. Sign in using social media accounts function has been implemented with their respective links imported. Cursor style is set as pointer to display the cursor as a hand whereas text-transform style is set as uppercase for the headings to convert the text to uppercase automatically. The list has a style set of width: 50%, position: relative, float: left, text-align: center, background: #D2D8D8, line-height: 72px, height: 72px, font-weight: 700, font-size: 16px, and color: #809191 whereas the subtitle is given the styles of display: block, font-weight: 400, font-size: 15px, color: #888, and line-height: 48px. In a focused event, the login and signup tabs get an outline border of outline: dotted 1px. Source:

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