Slider with fill and configurable tick marks

This is a sample template of a web form with a slider with a fill and configurable tick marks, designed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap framework 4. The icons and fonts are imported to the code with their URLs. JavaScript functions have been used to implement the slider functionalities. The colors and sizes are predefined. The slider container is given a max-width as 440px, border-radius as 40px, and box-shadow as 0px 8px 40px rgba(128, 128, 128, 0.15). The slider headers are given the styles of font-family as "Poppins", sans-serif, font-size as 18px, font-weight as 300, and color as #71738b. The slider value container is given the styles of font-family as "Hind Madurai", sans-serif, font-size as 18px, and color as #71738b. The slider value is given a font color of #34385a. The slider handle size is defined as 14px, whereas the slider progress is shown in #ffd049 color. The cursor style for the slider is set as pointer to get the hand cursor effect. Source:

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