Simple Tool tips on hover

This is an example of a simple tooltip effect, designed using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The tooltip styles are imported to the code with its URL. The tooltip form is given the padding styles of padding as 13rem, and margin-left as 300px. The tooltip button is given the style of display as inline-block, and min-width as 100px. The text of the button is aligned as center. The background color of the button is set as #ff3d2e, whereas the font color of the button is set as #fff. The font-size of the button is given as 1rem, whereas the margin-top style is given as 1.5rem. The button has a border-radius of 5px, and it is also given a transition style as background 0.1s linear. The tooltip gets activated and displays its message, in a hover event over the button. Source:

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