Simple success confirmation popup

This is an example of a bootstrap success confirmation web form, designed using HTML, and CSS. Bootstrap style sheets including the fonts are imported to the form with their URLs. The body font-family of 'Varela Round', sans-serif. The background color of the form is set to #636363 whereas the content section of the model has the styles of padding as 20px, and border-radius as 5px. The styles of the header are set to text-align as center, font-size as 26px, and margin as 30px 0 -15px. The icon box is given a background color of #82ce34, height and width of 95px, and a border-radius of 50% to make it circular shaped. The styles of the confirm button are set as color as #fff, border-radius as 4px, background as #82ce34, transition as all 0.4s, and line-height as normal, which then takes the background color of #6fb32b in a hover event.

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