Simple Modal Box Snippet

This is an example of a simple modal box designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript functions have been used to implement the responsive features of the modal box. The font family is added as "Roboto", sans-serif, and the font-weight is set as normal. The background color of the body is set to #B0BEC5. The header of the model has the styles of padding as 20px 40px, background as #546E7A, and color as #ffffff whereas the modal body is given the styles of background as #ECEFF1, and padding as 60px 40px. The cursor is set as pointer to display the hand cursor. The modal box is given the animation styles of animation-duration: .4s, and animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(0,0,.3,1.6). The modal trigger button has the style set of top and left as 50%, padding: 20px 40px, background: transparent, color: #ffffff, and border: 1px solid #ffffff.

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