Registration Page with Background image

This is a classic example of a registration page with validation designed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Text field has been implemented with the use of the input element with its type set as text. The background image has been set with the CSS styles by adding the image URL and background-size as cover in the CSS body section. The styles of the form are set to max-width as 530px, padding as 15px, margin as 0 auto, border-radius as 0.3em, and background color as #f2f2f2. The heading h2 has the styles of font-family as 'Open Sans', sans-serif, font size as 40px, font-weight as 600, color as #000000, margin-top as 5%, text-align as center, and letter spacing as 4px. The text transform element is set as uppercase to automatically transform the text to uppercase. JavaScript is used to validate the input fields and display messages if the required fields are left empty or char values are entered into numerical fields upon submitting. Source:

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