Pricing table react to hover

This is an example of displaying the prices in a table format with the use of HTML and CSS. Each table is styled with the use of div HTML tag and setting the styles display as table. The complete page background has been set to the color of #2e2a2a using the background class, font size is set as 62.5%, and the font family as 'Roboto', Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif, Verdana. The mouse hover event has been implemented with the use of the hover event in the CSS class. To implement the zoom-in effect on the table to make it bigger on a mouse hover event, the style class of transform has been used in CSS with the value of scale (1.06) increasing the size in a 1.06 ratio. The style of the table is set with background as #FFF and the font color as #403d3a. credits -

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