Pagination style 7

This is a template of a page navigation button line, designed with CSS and HTML. The buttons are set to get highlighted and pointed with an arrow mark in a focus event. The Li element of lists has been used to display the buttons in a list. The set of buttons is given the styles of font-family as 'ABeeZee', sans-serif, display as inline- flex, and position as relative. The button numbers have the styles of color as #444, background color as transparent, font size as 23px, font-weight as 600, line-height as 42px, transition of all 0.3s ease 0s, border radius of 50% to make the circles, and height and width as 42px. The text color will turn to #6c5ce7 in a focus event and the number button will get highlighted with a box shadow set as 0 0 20px 5px #6c5ce7. In a focus event, the transformation happens with translate (-50%) translateX (-50%) scale(0.8) style. The shape of the highlight event has been specified with a polygon element added to the code with WebKit-clip-path: polygon.

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