Pagination style 4

This is an example of a page navigation button line, designed with CSS and HTML. The buttons take a highlight action in a focus event. The Li element of lists has been used to display the buttons in a list view. The body is given a background color of #A2DCF0 whereas the set of buttons is given the styles of font-family as 'Kodchasan', sans-serif, border-radius as 40px, overflow as hidden, display as inline- flex, and position as relative. The button numbers have the styles of color as #505050, background color as transparent, font size as 25px, font-weight as 600, padding as 10px 20px, and a transition of all 0.3s ease 0s. The buttons will get highlighted in a focus event, taking the color of #E24A3C. The buttons have a transform style of scaleY (0) and a transition of all 0.3s.

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