Gooey Pagination

This snippet displays the pagination with gooey animation using SVG. To display the goory animation we will use SVG. SVG plays with the shapes and allows to easily connecting the divs. Using SVG, we will create a filter and apply to the HTML element (DIV). For this, the concept used is CSS transition, CSS animation, SVG filters, and JQuery. Over your mouse and check out the animation used. Here the filter is defined under SVG in an HTML page and using CSS we apply this SVG filter to DOM element. Filter element contains one or more filter primitives, which defines the operation done by filters in this example its “blur”. To make the sticky part, we are using filter to change colors based on the transformation matrix. This gives users the power to manipulate the image with special effects. To use this snippet you need to take a look at SVG and its filters and design it accordingly.

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