Glowing login form

This is another example of a login page designed with HTML and CSS. The input type ‘text' has been used for the text fields. A max length has been set on each text field, username as 35 and password as 30. This allows the user to enter characters up to a given number of max length; in this case user name-35 and password-30. CSS styles has been used to get a shady combination of colors with its values set as height to 100%, width to 100%, margin to 0, background to #f2306a and the background as linear-gradient (left, #f2306a 0%, #6d00a0 100%) to apply the shade of two colors. The input elements have the styles of position as absolute, height as 35px, with as 90%, padding as 0 5%, background as #050023, color as white, font size as 15px, font-weight as bold, border-radius as 4px and border as 2px solid #ff0067. Source :

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