Fixed table header

This is a simple example of displaying the details in a table format that has a fixed table header; with the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The table elements in HTML have been used to display the data in a table format. The table header has the background value of rgba(255,255,255,0.3) and the table has the styles of width as 100% and table layout as fixed. The table header text is automatically converted to upper case with the use of the class ‘text transform’ with the value of uppercase in CSS styles. The styles of the table header are set to padding as 20px 15px, text align as left, font weight as 500, font size as 12, and font color as #fff. The background color of the entire page has been implemented with a shade of two colors by setting the background class as linear-gradient (left, #25c481, #25b7c4). credits -

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