Classic Newsletter Signup Form

This is a template for a classic bootstrap newsletter signup web form, designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript functions have been used to implement displaying functions. Bootstrap style sheets including the fonts and icons are imported to the form with their URLs. The body of the form is given the styles of font-family as 'Open Sans', sans-serif, color as #9f9f9f, and a font-size of 15px. The header title is given he styles of color as #000, text-align as center, font-family as 'Raleway', sans-serif, font-weight as 800, font-size as 30px, and text-transform as uppercase to convert the text to uppercase automatically. The close button on top is given a font-size of 26px, the color of #c0c3c8, opacity of 0.5, which changes to 0.8 in a hover event. The subscribe button has the styles of color as #fff, background as #353535, transition as all 0.4s, and text-transform as uppercase, which changes its color to #171717 in a hover event. The "No thanks" button also changes its border from 2px solid to none, in a hover event.

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