Breadcrumb style 6

his is a template of a web form with breadcrumb buttons, designed using CSS and HTML. The buttons take a fill effect in a hover event. The Li element of lists has been used to display the buttons in a list. The breadcrumbs are initially given a general set of styles such as padding as 0 20px 0 0, display as inline block, overflow as hidden, float as left, margin-right as 10px, background color as #161054, border-radius as 20px, background as transparent, font size as 16px, font-weight as bold and font color as #fff. The text transform is set as uppercase to automatically transform it to uppercase. The last child of the set is given the styles of padding as 10px 25px, background color as #f48b07, position as relative and font color is #fff. The other buttons take a fill effect of the color #f48b07 when in a hover event with a transition value of all 0.3s ease 0s.

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