Breadcrumb style 5

This is a template of a web form with breadcrumb buttons, designed using CSS and HTML. The Li element of lists has been used to display the buttons in a list. The last child of the set is colored with red. The breadcrumbs are initially given a general set of styles such as padding as 10px 0 0 0, display as inline-block, padding as 0 30px 0 0, overflow as hidden, float as left, border 1px solid rgba (0, 0, 0, 0.1), border-radius as 20px, background as transparent, font size as 14px, font-weight as bold, position as relative and font color as #fff. The text transform is set as uppercase to automatically transform it to uppercase. The last child of the set is given the styles of width as 117% and height as 101%, padding as 10px 25px, background color as #d5172d, and font color as #fff. The last child is given a transform style of translateX(-50%) skew(-20deg) to arrange it in a tilted manner.

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