Bootstrap Logo Left Header

This is a template of a bootstrap web form with a logo and a navigation bar, designed using CSS and HTML. The logo is added to the form with its URL imported via a link. Links to social media pages are also added to the top right corner. The Li element of lists has been used to display the social media icons in a list. The background color of the form is set to #f5f5f5. The about section of the navigational bar is given a dropdown list. The default color of the background and text of the navigational bar is set to #00AAD4 whereas, in a hover event, it is changed to #5e5e5e. Text values of the bar are automatically converted to upper case with the use of the class ‘text-transform' with the value of uppercase in CSS styles and font size is set as 12px. The font family of the text is set to "ssi-icomoon". Source:

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