This is a classic example of "Get in touch: or “Contact Me form”. It uses bootstrap 3.3 and jquery 1.11 versions. The form contains fields for “your name”, “email”, “mobile no.” “message” and a submit button. The body is divided into sectionContent, sectionHeader and container. SectionHeader has its CSS style for font-family and color. Contact is having its own CSS style with its font family, background and color. The form gets a gradient look set in the contact section. FormControl and FormGroup, has its own style, which sets the font size, margin etc. Submit button is set with fontSize, background-color, width and float to right properties. Label and textarea is also set with their font and height properties. Your name, email-id and mobile number are in class form-line, whereas message and submit button are in separate formGroup. Tags such as label and textArea have properties set for height and fontSize.

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