Dual Form or Multiple login forms or sign up / reset password or login options tabbed form tabbed. Forms in one panel for easy navigation designed magnificently and is absolutely FREE to download and ready to Use it in your Business website. This Widget template is designed using HTML5 and CSS3 and is super Responsive. The mono-color background and sharp Panels complement each other. The forms are placed in equally divided column in one row. We can have same or different input fields. This form contains the same fields placed side by side with contract design. The CSS style is same for text and buttons for both forms, the only difference is the background color are different for these forms.
This is a responsive form and works well with most of the devices. Adding this form will give a stylish look to your website and portfolio. It is a simple yet stylish contact form which consists of "container". Contact form is placed inside the container which contains the input tags like “first name”, “lastName”, “email”, “comment” and submit button. FormGroup and FormControl are used to group the label and input area. The image is placed in a contact-info class with the margin set at the bottom. Head tag consists of bootstrap min and jquery references. CSS is defined to match the details added in the contact form. Styles like background color, padding, and height is defined. Class contact-info it needs to be set with margin. Focus on button shadow is none. This form goes well with a personal, portal and business websites.
A minimal email template based on a clean HTML and CSS. In its example is is made for a restaurant business but by replacing images you will be able to use it for any business of yours that is not related to food and dining.
A simple HTML contact form for websites and other online projects. This doesn't require Bootstrap or any dependency and works well with just HTML and CSS.