This is another stylish Sign-in form with circle shape social media buttons, designed using CSS, Html, and Bootstrap framework 4. The social media icons, font, CSS, and Bootstrap styles are imported to the code with their URLs. The body of the form is given the styles of font color as #434343, background color as #dfe7e9, and font-family style as 'Varela Round', sans-serif. The input text fields are given a font-size of 16px, and a border color of #5cb85c, to be activated on hover. The sign-in form is given a width of 400px, background color as #fff, and a box-shadow style as 0px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3). The title of the form is displayed with a font-size of 34px. The 'Sign in' button is created as a success type button and given the styles of border color as border-color: #5cb85c, font-size as 18px, font-weight as bold, and text-align as center. The 'Sign in' button changes its background color to #5cb85c, and the opacity value to 0.8, in a hover event. The social media buttons are given a border-radius as 50% to get the circle shape, and given three different background colors as #507cc0, #64ccf1, and #df4930. The buttons change their opacity to 0.8 on hover. Source:
This is an example of a password input form with a light beam animation, designed using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Bootstrap framework 4. JavaScript functions have been used to implement the animation in a clicked event on the eyeball icon. The colors are predefined as --bgColor: white, --inputColor: black, --outlineColor: dodgerblue, and --beamColor: yellow. The body is given a background color as var(--bgColor), whereas the form is given a transform value as translate3d(0,0,0). The sign-in button has the styles of font-size as 1.5rem, font-family as monospace, and color as var(--inputColor), which takes an outline style of 3px solid var(--outlineColor), in a focus event. The user name and password are given a font color as black. The cursor style for the button and eyeball is set as pointer to get the hand cursor effect. The eyeball is given the size of 1.25rem, and a transform style of translateY(-50%). In a focus event on the eyeball, the background color of the form turns to black, revealing the password value and a light beam is displayed in a polygon(100% 50%, 100% 50%, 0 0, 0 100%) path, with the beam color as yellow. Source: