This is an example of a bootstrap order details table with a search filter, designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap style sheets including the fonts, are imported to the form with their URLs. The body is given a styles set of color as #566787, background as #f5f5f5, font-family as 'Varela Round', sans-serif, and font-size as 13px. The refresh list button is given a background color of #03A9F4 whereas the export to excel button is given the background color #fff. Both buttons change their colors in a hover event, into #03a3e7 and #f2f2f2 respectively. Table title is given the styles color as #fff, background as #4b5366, padding as 16px 25px, margin as -20px -25px 10px, border-radius as 3px 3px 0 0, and font-size as 24px. The name section is given the color #566787, which changes to #2196F3 in a hover event. The status is also marked by colors which are, delivered as #10c469, shipped as #62c9e8, pending as #FFC107, and cancelled as #ff5b5b. Tooltip style has been used to display a popup in a hover event on view details icon whereas JavaScript functions are used to implement tooltip activation.
This is an example of a web form with a responsive image slider with a search bar with three input search, designed using HTML, and CSS. The bootstrap styles and images are imported to the form with their URLs. A carousel class has been used to implement the image slider and a button class has been used to implement the buttons. The search placeholders are given the styles of display as block, width as 100%, font-size as 0.875rem, line-height as 1.5, color as #55595c, background-color as #fff, border as 1px solid #ccc, height as calc(3rem + 2px) !important, and border-radius as 0. The search button has the styles of width as 100%, font-size as 16px, font-weight as 400, text-transform as capitalize to make the first letter of the text uppercase, height as calc(3rem + 2px) !important, and border-radius as 0 whereas the background color for the search section is set as #1A4668.
This is a template for an expandable search icon and a search box designed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The background color of the page has been set to the value of #ff9800 with the use of background color class whereas the font color is set to #fff and the margin to 0. In JavaScript, the two variables have been declared with the class values as input and search button. The expand function has been created and applied to the click event by adding the event listener to the declared variable on the class search-btn to expand the search bar on a click event. The rotate class has been used in CSS with the value of rotate (450) to create the rotate animation. The border of the search box is set with the style border with the value of 4px solid #ffffff so the border color will be white and the border thickness will be 4px. credits -
This is an example for a search box with expandable animations designed with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. In order to make the code more organized and readable, the variables has been set in CSS for each color value so the variable will be reusable within the CSS class as same color has been used in several places. The background color of the page has been set to the value of #2A2E37 in the background class. The initial width of the search box has been set it to 3px to make it hidden. On the open class, the width will be overridden with the value of 420px so that the search box will be visible to the user on a click event. JavaScript function has been used to toggle the class by the name ‘open’ to apply the style on the selected element. credits -