This is a stunning example of a travel agency website with an engaging background and a simple booking form which can elevate your web presence. The image background is displayed that ensures a top-notch user experience. A form has a field for location, date pickers, number of travelers and action button. The element is divided into header and container. The header displays two small images which are at extreme positions. The form is placed under the container. The CSS for classes addresses each and every element used for this template. Javascript is mainly added to pick the date in a particular format. The quantity field is validated for numbers greater than 0. Overall you can tweak this web page to get it on your travel agency website.
This is an example of a form design with javascript validations. This form can be used during the registration of players or with sports. The bg-dark class is used for the background of the container and complete body. This sets the dark grey background color. Form when submitted verifies with the validate method. FormGroup elements are used to create the form with fields like first and last name, email, age, address, country, password, interests. The interests are marked with the custom radio button. A CSS style sheet is defined for a row, button, and form groups. The script has a validate function which validates the input of each input tag. It sends an alert message if the input values are incorrect.
A cool registration form based on a pure HTML & CSS without any library dependance. This can be used to build any website or web project you can imagine.